Dental Study Systems

Dental Study Models For Lecturer

Students can watch the processes applied on the phantom model by the instructor on the LCD monitors in front of them as if they were receiving a one-on-one training, apply these on their own phantom models or watch an instructional video on their monitors with the help of the phantom training model connected to instructor's dental phantom simulation table in front of the instructor and a high resolution digital camera mounted on an arm with mobility looking over the phantom model. Hardness of phantom models' teeth is very similar to that of an actual tooth in order to allow the students to feel as if they were working on a real patient. Students can practice on the model with an aerator and micro-motor; gain experience in prosthetic, restorative and endodontic processes. They practice prosthetic processes such as tooth cutting and dental bridgework initially, and restorative and endodontic processes during the next stages.